4 in 1 Treadmill TMM01

Best Multifunction Treadmill 4 in 1 Treadmill OEM Manufacturer in China

Display: Speed, Distance, Calorie, Time
Running Belt:1200×340 MM
3.Assemble Size:102.0×52.0x120.0 CM
4.Folded Size:96x64x141 CM
5.N.W/G.W:35.0/38.2 KGS
Carton Size:132.0×59.0x21.0 CM
Container:173/360/420 PCS
Manual Treadmill

Best Multifunction Treadmill 4 in 1 Treadmill OEM Manufacturer in China

Bring home Multifunction 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill and experience an all-inclusive fitness program. This vibrant treadmill includes a stepper and a twister to help you tone your abs and legs in style. The dashboard has an electronic display that includes speed, distance, calories, time, and pulse. This portable treadmill has wheels on the bottom for easy transport to different rooms. In addition, the treadmill has a wider jogging area, allowing you to have more leg movement.

Manual Treadmill Display

User-friendly dashboard with electronic metre

Bring home Multifunction 4 in 1 manual treadmill with a user-friendly dashboard with electronic meter display. The electronic meter has pre-installed features such as speed, distance, calories, time and pulse, allowing you to delicately monitor your workout and health.

4 in 1 treadmill belt

Flaunt a wider jogging surface

4 in 1 Manual Treadmill has a wide jogging surface. The extra space promotes a range of leg movements without worrying about unnecessary space shortages. Now you can easily run or jog on the treadmill without worrying about space.

Multifunction Treadmill Feet

Portable Treadmill

Run and jog on this dynamic treadmill in any room of your choice. This smart treadmill is equipped with wheels that enable you to transport the device from one place to another without any hassle In addition, the treadmill is foldable, making it easy to store.

Twister Push Up Treadmill

A twister that builds muscle

Multifunction treadmill has a well-balanced twister. After your workout, simply step onto the twister, hold the front handles and twist your upper and lower body. The twister helps to work your arms, legs and thighs in an easy way.

4 in 1 treadmill

Smart treadmill for strengthening leg muscles

The 4-in-1 manual treadmill is your ultimate fitness companion. It includes a stepper that helps you exercise your leg muscles. Simply step on the stepper, hold the side handle bar and push and pull your legs in a continuous up and down motion to help improve blood circulation and tone your leg muscles.


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