Motorized Elliptical Trainer PE08B

Original EMS Orbitek MX Motorized Portable Under Desk Elliptical Manufacturer

Motor:110V-220V 50W
Assembly Size:45.0X39.5X23.0 CM
Remote Control
N.W/G.W:6.8/8.0 KGS
Carton Size:47.0×43.0x29.0 CM
Qty:1 PCS
Container:280/600/1100 PCS
Motorized Passive System
EMS Therapy

Orginal EMS Orbitek MX Motorized Portable Under Desk Elliptical Manufacturer

  • Fun, easy, low impact movement
  • Can help with rehab and manage joint pain
  • Improves mobility and circulation
  • Xrcise anytime and anywhere
  • Activate muscles and increase heart rate
  • Escape a sedentary lifestyle

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is an internationally accepted and proven way of treating muscular injuries. It works by sending electronic pulses to the muscle needing treatment That causes the muscle to exercise passively. It is a product deriving from the square waveform, originally invented by John Faraday in 1831. Through the square wave pattern it is able to work directly on muscle motor neurons. The EMS System has low frequency and this in conjunction with the square wave pattern allows direct work on muscle groupings.

Feel Better with Orbitrek MX!

In consultation with your Doctor, the Orbitrek MX may help with rehab from surgery and manage pain from conditions like arthritis.

– Debra Orringer, Exercise Physiologist

It has really alleviated a lot of my arthritis pain and provided me with additional mobility. The Orbirek MX has changed my life!

– Susan S., Orbitrek MX User

Orbitrek™ MX provides you with “Motorized Xrcise” to STAY ACTIVE and STAY HEALTHY!

Orbitrek™ MX has 3 programs and 5 speeds that guide you through the elliptical movement while you:

  • Read a book
  • Watch TV
  • Talk on the Phone
  • Work
  • Anytime you’re in a seated position!

You’ll never forget to exercise because all you have to do is sit and moving!

Orbitrek workout Scenario

Perfect for

All Ages
All Occasions
All Lifestyles
All Abilities

The Handy Remote Control* and Assisted Motorized Movement offers 3 training modes and 5 speed levels for any ability level.

Improve Mobility & Circulation

Improve Mobility &

Relieve Stress & Improve Sleep

Relieve Stress &
Improve Sleep

Brighten Mood

Brighten Mood

Activate Muscles

Activate Muscles

Improve Balance

Improve Balance

Help Manage Pain & Discomfort

Help Manage Pain &

Help Rehab from Certain Surgeries

Help Rehab from
Certain Surgeries

With the Orbitrek™ MX, it’s now easier than ever to exercise, so you can get out and enjoy your daily life

Enjoy Exercise Freedom


 Exercise SAFELY in your home – on your schedule.

Orbitrek Exercising Workout

Compact, Powerful, Advanced Exercise Science

The secret is found in the naturally low impact motorized elliptical motion. It’s light on your body as it exercises your heart, and helps promote weight loss.

Features 2-way assisted motorized movement:

Forward: Fires glutes and hamstrings
Reverse: Exercise calves and quads

Advanced Features at an Original Manufacture Price

Motorized Elliptical Trainer Workout on mat

“Motorized Xrcise” Movement
provides fun, easy to do exercise.

Motorized Elliptical Remote

Remote Control
Available as an add on after checkout! No bending down! Provides easy, fingertip control of the Orbitrek MX

Motorized Elliptical Trainer Display

8 Electronic Exercise Options
Choose between 3 training modes and 5 speed levels with just a push of a button!

Elliptical Motorized Cycling Trainer

Low Impact Elliptical Path
Is whisper quiet and gives you great benefits without extra noise.

Indoor Orbitrek Trainer

Sleek Compact Design
Fits anywhere and looks great everywhere

Orbitrek Profile

Fully Assembled
Start getting healthier now! Ready to use right out of the box

Orbitrek Feet Pedal

Extra Wide Textured Foot Pedals
Prevent slippage and provide for exercise comfort.

Orbitrek Display Screen

Digital Fitness Monitor
Lets you track time, speed, and distance while you exercise!


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