Pedal Execiser PE05B

Best Foot Pedal Exerciser OEM Manufacturer Supplier

Assembly Dimension:41x40x29 CM
Packing Size:44x39x33 CM
Weight:3.3/3.8 KGS
Container Loading:1000/2100/2500 Units

Best Arm Foot Pedal Exerciser OEM Manufacturer Supplier

Arm and Foot Mini Exercise Bike
Get a healthy workout while sitting comfortably
Sit in a comfortable chair and get a healthy workout while watching TV, reading a book, playing a game, talking on the phone, or any other time you sit down and have your legs free.

Place your bike on a tabletop and pedal with your hands to strengthen your arms and shoulders. Molded pedals provide a comfortable grip for your hands.

The wide range of resistance and smooth pedal motion makes it ideal for physical therapy and wellness exercises. the MagneTrainer is the bike of choice for many doctors and therapists.

  • It’s convenient. Are you stuck at home? Get a physical therapy leg or arm workout from the comfort of your home with the Magnetrainer Mini Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser.
  • Versatility. The molded pedals provide a comfortable grip and can be used as an arm bike or strap your feet to it while sitting for the perfect leg exerciser. Our Magician straps are easier to adjust and more durable than grooves.
  • Smooth and silent. Premium magnetic resistance gives this leg and arm exercise device a super soft pedal motion that’s easy on your joints and quiet.
  • PRECISE CONTROL: Our stepless intensity dial allows you to fine-tune the resistance as you gradually increase muscle strength. Perfect as a physical therapy device or as an exercise bike for seniors.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Keep it simple with an easy-to-read LCD display. Displays speed, distance, time, and estimated calories burned, so you can track your arm or leg workouts.


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