Pedal Exerciser PE03C

Under Desk Peddler Machine

Built Size:43x39x29CM
Assembly Size: 46x44x31.5 CM
Carton Size: 28x15x43 CM
Container:1600/3300/3800 PCS
Friction System

Under Desk Peddler Machine

This portable desk Peddler machine with an LCD display is simply unbeatable in helping you increase mobility and blood circulation as well as strengthen your legs and arms. The machine’s compact design makes it easy to fit under a table or in a cubicle. The non-slip rubber feet ensure that the pedal exerciser stays in place on any surface, including any tabletop, carpet, or hard floor surface. Whether you’re working in the office or watching TV at home, you can start an effective workout.

  • LCD displays time, CNT, scan, RPM, and CAL.
  • The foldable design makes it easy to store under your desk and on the go.
  • Adjustable tension knob provides multiple levels of resistance to personalize your workout
  • Triangular, non-slip rubber feet provide extra stability and safety without scratching the floor
  • Oversized textured non-slip foot/hand pedals with adjustable toe loops to secure and accommodate a variety of foot sizes

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