Mini Scoop Lateral Trainer PE09

2022 Scoop Lateral Trainer | Lateral Cardio | Side Leg Raise Machine Manufacturer

Monitor: Scan, Time, Count, Reps, Calorie
Material: PP, ABS, PA, Steel, PVC
Product Size:58.0×58.0x40.5 CM
Weight:8.6/10.2 KGS
Packing Size:64.5×21.5×46.0 CM
Container Loading: 500/960/1100 Units


2022 Scoop Lateral Trainer | Lateral Cardio | Side Leg Raise Machine Manufacturer

Benefits of the Scoop Lateral Trainer Side Leg Raise Machine

Improve Knee & Hip Health
Zero Impact on Joint
Shaper the Inner and Outer Thighs
Improve the Balance to prevent falls
Burn Fat & Calories
Tone your total Lower body 360
Shape the glutes
Work out at Home

Unlike other machines: other machines only work the front and back of your lower body, which means you have to increase the resistance to feel the impact. The Scoop is different: our tension knob controls your pace, but because you use all the muscles in your lower body at the same time, high resistance is not required. This means the workout feels easier but can strengthen muscles that are completely ignored than a bike, treadmill, or another mini-pedal machine.

Reduce your risk of falling: Scoop Lateral Trainer works your entire lower body 360 degrees and even works your core muscles. Unlike walking or cycling, strengthening your lateral muscles can quickly improve your balance and reduce the risk of falls and injuries. This is perfect for those who want to stay healthy and active as they age.

Build stronger knee and hip joints. The Scoop is zero impact and has been clinically shown to improve knee health by safely strengthening supporting muscles that other machines overlook. Safe for most people with arthritis or joint problems.

SIMPLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND PORTABLE: The spoon is less than 9.1KGS, lightweight, and portable. It fits even the smallest of spaces and can be easily transported to your office. Work out and burn calories while you work at your desk.

Multi-directionality: Scoop lets you customize your workout: instantly change the direction of your pedals, changing the focus of your workout from inner thighs and glutes to outer thighs and hips.


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