Mini Air Walker Pedal Bike with Bands PE06D

Mini Stationary Portable Hand Foot Pedal Exerciser Factory

Size:54.0×46.0×94.0 CM
Carton Size:54.5×46.0×14.0 CM
Hand Post Can be adjusted
360 Degree Movement
Massage Roller & Handle
Monitor& Exercise Rope
Rolling Wheel+Stabilizer Feet
Carton Size:54.5×46.0x14.0 CM
Container:830/1650/1950 PCS
Friction System

Hand Foot Pedal Exerciser Workout

Pedal Exerciser Production

Hand Foot Pedal Exerciser Inspection

Mini Stationary Portable Hand Foot Pedal Exerciser Factory

The Mini Portable Hand Foot Pedal Exerciser was developed with input from occupational therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and orthopedic surgeons, resulting in one of the best pedalers available on the market today.

With its versatile ability to pedal in both forward and reverse, the helps users build strength in the specific muscles that assist us in getting up and down out of chairs, up and downstairs, and in and out of cars.

Its smaller spindle radius is easier on the user’s joints and enables users to start cycle therapy rehabilitation sooner. Two different sets of pedals are included, enabling both foot pedaling and hand pedaling for lower and upper body workouts. The wider base legs of the exerciser prevent it from rocking, keeping it stable and secure for all users, even those with weakened lower extremity muscles. The Velcro pedals keep the user’s feet securely in place to prevent any jarring or unexpected movement

Pedal Exericise Working

Exercise Movement

Hand Foot Pedal Exerciser Side View

Side Review

Actual Pedal Exerciser Orange Color

Front Review

Pedal Exerciser Monitor


Pedal Exerciser Stabilizer

Front Stabilizer

Pedal Exciser Massage Handle

Massage Handle

Feet Massage Roller

Feet Massage Roller

Pedal Exericser Pedal

Feet Pedal

Assembly Parts

Assembly Parts

Assembly Tools

Assembly Tools

Package Review

Package Review

Pedal Exerciser Carton

Mail Order Carton


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