Spin Bike SB05

Commercial Spin Bike Cycling Manufacturer with 18 KGS Flywheel

FLYWHEEL:13.0/15.0/18.0/20.0 KGS
Size:113.0×550.0x119.0 CM
N.W/G.W:37.5/41.4 KGS
Carton Size:97.5×19.0x76.5 CM
Qty:1 PCS

Container:215/510 PCS
Two Resistant System for Options: Magnetic Resistance or Friction

Spin Bike Cycles Manufacturer with 18 KGS Flywheel

What Does WOT Fitness Exercise Bike Give You?

√ The sturdy and durable cycling bike with a commercial steel frame; A variety of grip, full exercise; Belt drive quiet system, quiet riding experience.

√ LCD monitor tracks your time, distance(miles), calories burned, speed, and ODO while exercising.

√ Adjustable non-slip 5-way handlebars and 7-way seats meet your workout needs. One bike fits all your family, and you can exercise muscles without going out.

√ Comes half-installed, simple installation usually can be completed in 40 minutes.

Spin Bike Display

LCD Monitor / iPad Holder

Track your scientific exercise dates via the counter. Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, ODO and Scan will be easily read on screen.

Spin Bike Cushion Seat

Upgraded Shock-Absorbing Seat

The seat cushion is made of high-resilience high-quality PU leather, with double shock-absorbing skin bags inside, which relieves fatigue from riding and does not get tired from sitting for a long time

Spin Bike Seat Adjusting Hight Arror Mark

Adjustable Seat and Handlebar

7 adjustable positions seat bracket (Common exercise bike just has 6 positions). The handlebar has 5 positions. The seat can be easily adjusted up and down, front and back.

Cage Pedals

Cage Pedals

Aluminum Alloy caged pedal is safe and comfortable. Sawtooth design and cage prevent your feet from slipping, adjustable straps for a customized fit.

Ipad Holder with Two placement

Extra Big Pad Holder

An Additional Holder for you to choose the best Placement

High Density Handle Grip

Stability Handle Grip

It uses high density of good materials. It can improve your best sports workout.

Adjust Feet

Adjustable Feet

Small irregularities on your ground? The adjustable feet can allow you to ride in uneven areas, and compensate for the unevenness to keep the bike stable.

M 10 Strong Brake

Strong Brake

It uses the M10 Rod to get the Best Workout

Spin Bike Friction System

Friction System

An alternative affordable system for users. This is very common working system on market

Magnetic Spin Bike

Magnetic System

In order to get a Good Feeling, our spin bike can also fit for Magnetic Exercise Spin Bike

Spin Bike Handle Packing

Inside Packing

There is large cardboard separating the handlebar from the main unit. This prevents scratching of the grip or painting.

Spin Bike Packaging

Carton Packaging

High-density EPS foam and extra cardboard prevent problems with steel or plastic during shipping.

Spin Bike Mail Order Carton

Mail Order Carton

This heavy-duty spin bike uses a good-quality cardboard box.

Spin Bike Sample Wood Box Packaging

Sample Packaging

Samples of the spinning bikes will be packed in wooden boxes.

Spin Bike Drop Test

Spin Bike Production Online


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